Aiming to be one of the most trusted and admired Business Correspondents to aid financial security to unbanked population

A wholly owned subsidiary of SATIN, TFSL is an intermediary for promoting financial inclusion in the country.

Carving Your Future

Huge potential

  • Outreach: Aiming to aid financial security more than 70%
  • Greater Reach: Banks can reach out to areas that lack formal financial services at a much faster rate and lower cost
  • Better Loan Performance: The personal connection enhances the customers’ accountability to the BC, which in turn improves loan performance and repayment rates.
  • Providing better services, transparency and affordable prices as compare to local moneylenders.

Supports SATIN Mission

  • To aid financial security and enable livelihoods
  • Huge untapped area waiting for financial services

Defining growth path

  • We are looking to support India mission to serve unbanked population
  • Working as aggregators for Financial Inclusion in India for Banks to serve unmerited households and businesses
  • We hire locally to adapt to local complexities and evaluate every client’s details personally.
  • Reducing the risks for the banks, ensuring 99.2% repayment rates for TFSL


We aim to bridge the gap between financial institutions and the unbanked population, by making various financial products available through a easy-access digital platform that can cater widely and directly to clients.


Taraashna the vision is to provide Quality, Value & Scale to all the partners that we serve & assure the future partner’s, highly efficient work force with skills to adopt Challenges given by the partners. Money is a by-product of value. Therefore, to thrive in the long run, businesses must remain focused on producing value. However, it is easy to lose sight of value creation and be sidetracked by other things like profit margins, expanding your product catalogs, or competitors.

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