Aiming to be one of the most trusted and admired Business Correspondents to aid financial security to unbanked population

A wholly owned subsidiary of SATIN, TFSL is an intermediary for promoting financial inclusion in the country.

Carving Your Future

Huge potential

  • Outreach: Aiming to aid financial security more than 70%
  • Greater Reach: Banks can reach out to areas that lack formal financial services at a much faster rate and lower cost
  • Better Loan Performance: The personal connection enhances the customers’ accountability to the BC, which in turn improves loan performance and repayment rates.
  • Providing better services, transparency and affordable prices as compare to local moneylenders.

Supports SATIN Mission

  • To aid financial security and enable livelihoods
  • Huge untapped area waiting for financial services

Defining growth path

  • We are looking to support India mission to serve unbanked population
  • Working as aggregators for Financial Inclusion in India for Banks to serve unmerited households and businesses
  • We hire locally to adapt to local complexities and evaluate every client’s details personally.
  • Reducing the risks for the banks, ensuring 99.2% repayment rates for TFSL


We aim to bridge the gap between financial institutions and the unbanked population, by making various financial products available through a easy-access digital platform that can cater widely and directly to clients.


A few years ago, when faced with the choice of where to work next, I was inspired to come work at Taraashna. Here was a company that was truly trying to make a difference in people’s lives; helping them gain access to much need financial services and empowering them to better their lives and society as a whole. Even today, the belief that inspired my career choice years ago, continues to drive me and I couldn’t be happier of where we are and what we do.

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