Clients Success Stories

Mrs. Sabitaben

Sabitaben from village Dola is running her long-time family business of Pottery Works. Before availing the loan from Taraashna, she had an annual income which could barely support her livelihood. After availing the loan from TFSL, she had expanded her business in that area and now she can relish her life much more than just fulfilling her basic needs. Sabitaben quotes, “I have taken a 20,000 loan from Taraashna which has changed my life as well as my philosophy about taking loan. Taking loan is not a liability if it is utilized in a proper way. I did so and now I ask other females of the village to get associated with Taraashna.

Mrs. Yashodaben

Yashodaben, w/o Govindbhai supports her husband in earning livelihood by selling cow milk to the local dairies in the village. She used to sell 4-5 litres of milk per day through which she used to generate meagre income. She came to know about the loan products offered by Taraashna and availed a loan of Rs. 20000 and invested the amount, alongwith her little savings, in purchasing additional cow. The increased quantum of sale of milk has led to an increased income through which she is able to easily sustain her family.

Mrs. Nituben

Nituben of MAA MELADI SHG Dabhoi runs a general Store but used to face shortage of working capital because of which almost every item was used to be out of stock. She had taken a loan of Rs. 20000 from Taraashna in the month of February 2014 and utilised the amount to procure inventory for her shop in larger quantities. This has benefited her in two ways. One, she is now being able to retain her customers by making available the demanded product and two, she gets discount on purchasing higher volumes. Her daily sale has gone up and increased income is enough to support her family. I quote Nituben, “I am very grateful to Taraashna which had provided me a loan of Rs. 20,000 which has helped me a lot in increasing my business volume. I have already introduced 2 groups to Taraashna Field Officers as I have experienced a healthy relationship between myself and Taraashna”.

Mrs. Gayatriben

Gayatriben, w/o Rameshbhai wanted to supplement her husband’s income to provide quality education to their children. She was dextrous in the art of making silver ornaments. She decided to take up a self -employment activity of making and selling silver ornaments in nearby villages but was facing the liquidity crunch. For this purpose she took a loan of Rs. 20,000 from Taraashna and utilised this amount in purchasing silver. Earlier she alone used to make ornaments but now she gets more demand and has hired another supporting staff to work with her in her business. She has become a role model for other women of her village.

Mrs. Rehanaben

Rehanaben, a member of Durga SHG Thakor took a loan of Rs. 20000 in March 2014 and purchased a cow which yields 7-8 litres of milk every day. She is now being able to supplement her husband’s income by selling the milk to the local dairies. This has increased her self-esteem as well as her position in her village. She now advises other women in the village to avail loan from Taraashna and invest that amount in any income generation activity.

Mrs. Meena Khpade

Meena Khpade : Living in small house in Dhankwadi Pune along with daughter running small time mess and tiffin service ..She decided to expand her business into organised running mess but was unable to do so as was facing financial crunch. For this purpose she approached TFSL and we have offered loan of INR 5 Lakhs through our partner. Further she has utilised this amount in purchase of new furniture and fixtures and taken new shop on rent ..Earlier she was having client base of 40-50 students and professionals in mess on monthly basis ..After expansion now her mess business also increased in double fold and started small hotel in same premises. She has also hired staff for running mess and hotel ..She has set an example for other women in society to combat with tough situation in life [ husband expired last year ] with expanding business on her own will and make business profitable.