TSL operates as a business correspondent partner of major banks and financial institutions in India. TSL adopts varied business models for service delivery according to the end- clients' requirements and specific business needs of the partner banks and financial institutions. TSL has successfully adopted both Self-help group(SHG) model and a Joint liability group(JLG) model while working with its partner banks and financial institutions. TSL assesses the credit requirement of the SHG/JLG members and evaluates their credit history, their historical and current cash flows, and the sustainability of their ongoing economic activities.

SHG Model

A self help group(SHG) is a small homogeneous group of micro-entrepreneurs who form the group for a common cause and interest (usually for mobilizing thrift and credit).The group members aspire to progress out of poverty through joint action. Taraashna facilitates the process of SHG formation, trains the members, and assists in maintaining the  group dynamics. The Credit and livelihood officers of Taraashna help SHGs to manage internal and external financial transactions and provides techno-managerial support. Upon successful completion of financial literacy training and assurance of group discipline, TSL's Community Livelihood Officer links the SHG to the bank for the purpose of opening bank accounts and availing credit facility.Since all the loans are unsecured loans by nature, Taraashna banks on the social collateral of the members for ensuring on-time repayment of loans and for inculcating a regular savings discipline.

JLG Model

TSL facilitates the formation of Joint Liability Groups(JLGs) so that the group members may avail bank credit. The JLG members come together and offer a mutual guarantee to the bank to avail bank loans. In order to be eligible for bank credit through TSL, the JLG members must be engaged in some income-generating activity.

SBL Model

We provide secured loans to small businesses as well as other entities engaged in income generation activities mainly facilitating needs like small equipment purchase, business expansion, new business start-up, working capital requirement. The purpose of this loan is to serve small business, self-employed segment, manufacturers, services, requiring loans for betterment of business expansion.

Overall SME market is untapped and these small businesses continues to be drivers of economic growth ..We at TSL with financial assistance from various banks, NBFC’s focuses on opportunity by providing customised products aligned to the needs of small businesses on four dimensions – affordable loan size, prolong tenor, property security & faster TAT.


TSL is facilitating dairy & animal husbandry industry through a joint venture with Dairy companies, facilitating small entrepreneurs/farmers to increase the milk production by providing them with small & mid-sized ticket secured loans, with a hypothecation of Cattle and / or Land to the financial institution. While the Cattle Loan helps the farmers/small entrepreneurs to increase the quantity of milk to be supplied to the Dairy, the dairy in turn benefits from the milk supplies from varied sources, helping them maintain a balance between quality of the milk and the price of procurement.

To ensure that the health of the cattle and the consequent quality of the milk is maintained, the model also provides a veterinary support, through its empaneled medical consultants, to ensure a proactive health checkup & care of animals at regular intervals. The term loan depends on the number of animals/cattle to be purchased as well as availability of the land of the farmers. We always lay emphasis on the purchase of hybrid animals to obtain the desired quality of milk. In a nut shell, through Dairy Loans (Cattle Finance), Taraashna is ensuring the growth & prosperity of farmers to upkeep the contribution in development of the rural belt, by helping the farmers to maintain a healthy financial status.

Operational Updates

TSL's progress over the years
  March'16 March'17 March'18
No. of Branches (in nos.) 115 149 184
No. of States (presence in nos.) 6 8 8
No. of loans disbursed (in nos.) 1,85,792 2,35,333 3,33,200
No. of active loan clients (in nos.) 2,77,354 3,49,239 4,13,865
Amount Disbursed (In Rs. crores) 373 535 811.9
Loan amount outstanding (In Rs. crores) 349 450 669.9