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Our Culture

They say that change starts from within. And that once it begins on the inside, it reflects on the outside. At Taraashna, we believe in embracing change and adapting to it, to become better than ever before. So while words like innovation, transformation and evolution have become the rallying call of today, to us they represent a lot more – the welcome opportunity to enact positive change in all the lives we touch. Promoting wide and diverse participation creates opportunities for bigger and better ideas, as well as improved organizational performance. Inclusion enhances employee engagement, this involvement benefits decision-making and in turn, results in innovative solutions becoming more common. The responsiveness and business dynamism of Taraashna is further encouraged by a major performance management programme that focuses on responsibility, delegation and management by objectives.

The HR Team is fundamental to organizational change and is responsible for ensuring that Taraashna is truly contributing to the ‘nation-building’ program. While closing skills gaps, acquiring and developing talent and tackling daily challenges are some of its critical functions, the HR team also makes a positive difference by embracing diversity, cross functional trainings and increasing opportunities to improve performance, including efforts to close competency gaps, provide individualized support through data driven results from a central analytics team, expand coaching and mentoring and promote individualized training – our training programs are updated continuously based on feedback and needs assessments.

Our Taraashna family has more than 1400 employees, spread far and wide across geographies and they have twice voted us as the preferred ‘employer of choice’ to work with, as per our in-house Employee Satisfaction surveys. Even as we support the career development of present employees, we are actively restructuring our workforce for the future, ensuring that it is stronger, accountable, better-equipped and enabled. We consider our people our greatest asset and want our employees to develop their capabilities to the fullest. This requires us to regularly and systematically address:

  • Strategic Alignment of our objectives with business, including Workforce and Succession Planning
  • Recruitment & Retention
  • Leadership & Knowledge Management
  • Results-oriented Performance Management
  • Talent Management & Skill building

The Taraashna HR Team is committed to supporting each and every one of our colleagues on the ground and our services extend beyond the workplace through programs like AAGMAN (आगमन), PARICHAY (परिचय), VRIDDHI( वृद्धि), AVGAT (अवगत) and the Employee Connect and Assistance Program. It is our firm belief that happy, healthy employees are productive ones and are best equipped to deliver on company objectives and the Taraashna mission. We look forward to continuing our efforts in making Taraashna one of the finest organisations to work with, for both our current and future employees.

Warm regards,
Mr. Ajay Sharma
Head of Human Resources, TFSL

Work With Us

As a rapidly growing organization, Taraashna is always on the lookout for ambitious and talented people with the desire to make a difference in the lives of millions. If you are keen to join us on our exciting journey towards building financial inclusion, please email your resume to and we would be happy to get in touch with you.

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    Employee Testimonials

    • Milind Deshmukh


      “I once thought that Tata Motors Finance would be the last leg of my career. Then destiny struck in the form of a chance encounter with our extraordinary CMD; and I took one of the biggest decisions of my life, effectively changing it forever. I was overawed by how a man from such humble beginnings had built this magnificent organization, purely on sheer grit and passion. So when he proposed a career-defining move, I was onboard before he finished speaking! But it wasn’t easy going from a well-oiled organization to a revolutionary startup set to blaze a trail for all the world to see and follow – my foray into Taraashna was mired with ups and downs. It is the immense faith placed in me by the CMD that eased the journey ahead, making it more enticing and enriching by the day. This company urges to experiment and improvise for the better, work for passion rather than obligation, build real bonds with colleagues instead of mere associations with coworkers – a work environment primed for success. And yet every morning brings with it another new learning, thought or discovery to embrace and I find myself being inspired all over again.”

    • Radheshyam Patidar


      “I come from a farming family and I take immense pride in being a small part of the community that feeds the world. Perhaps this why I love how Taraashna as a company, brings together individuals from different walks of life, different skill sets, aspirations and attitudes, all into its fold. Aside from providing a great working environment, freedom of operation and individual decision power, Taraasha ensures it employees feel a part of the Satin family and reach their full potential while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. In other words, the company cares for the person more than the employee! To me, this implied that everyone in the organization was equally as important and integral to the whole system and together, we made a cohesive, unified and unbeatable team. And there is no better man to lead us to success than our CEO, Mr.Sanjeev! His merits and capabilities make him the stronghold of the company, but his compassion and care is what drives it. So like many others, I am honoured to be at his side, all working as one to build Taraashna into greatness and go from one success to the next.”

    • Amol Patil


      “Working at Taraashna gives me a great sense of pride and I feel privileged to be part of this organization. The company is very people-focused, propelling its employees towards success as it finds its own. It is the people and the management that make Taraashna what it is – an organization that supports its employees on the journey of growth and development they take together, while fostering great camaraderie and team spirit. This inspiring company ethos is what motivates me to give my very best to Taraashna and help deliver great results. Its also admirable that these efforts are regularly recognized and rewarded. I can feel myself growing with every opportunity and developing with every challenge, each time bettering myself as an employee and an individual. I have learned, laughed and truly lived through some beautiful moments at Taraashna and for this, I will forever be grateful.”

    • Vasim Pathan


      “I have been working at Taraashna for the past three years and it has been an absolute pleasure working in a environment as rewarding as this one. The unique Satin culture is infused into the workplace – we are offered large scale work experiences along career-oriented paths, in order to help develop our skills and successfully ease into leadership roles in time. There is no limit to employee growth at Taraashna and hard work is always appreciated and recognized, which motivates us further! Taraashna fully supports and believes in its employees, thus bringing out the best in them. I have truly learnt a lot in my time here and I can feel myself improving with each opportunity and challenge that comes my way. I will always be grateful to the CMD, CEO, COO and HR for encouraging me to reach my full potential, both as an employee and as a person. To that end, my career at Taraashna has been filled with exciting experiences, inspiring moments and joyful memories that I will cherish forever.”

    • Kapil Tyagi

      IT MIS

      I am engaged with Taraashna for over a year now and it’s been a wonderful journey with unsurpassed turnarounds & experiences . What I enjoy most is the fact, that I’m constantly acquiring and practicing new skills, both on technical and interpersonal skills. I will credit Taraashna for it has carved out my identity as an individual in both my personal and professional life. Further, I appreciate Taraashna standing out in the industry, for recognizing every individual’s contribution in its success story. Individuals here swap very easily & adapt themselves between team leaders & individual contributors. Another rarity is that leadership is approachable, employees have access to the CEO, CFO etc. , they are not sequestered away from the employees, but share suites with the employees. I can honestly say, Taraashna is the best place to work for and I’m proud to be a part of this exceptional organization.

    • Vinita Chawla


      “Taraashna” implies “carving out”. In this platform named TARAASHNA, employees as a resource undergo complete transformation and acquire a complete new shape under the guidance & mentoring of great mentors and seniors. Taraashna is a place that offers an enjoyable and engaging work environment with wonderful colleagues coming from all over the industry domains and geographies. This company offers endless growth and development opportunities and a chance to learn how to ‘think outside the box’ and always find new ways to achieve the best results for our clients & our principal partners, ‘WE’ represent. It has been exciting to work at Taraashna almost from the very beginning, to see and be part of the company’s constant growth, restructuring changes and pleasant surprises.” …. We contact and serve our internal & external customers in their own local languages and the communication lines between management and staff are essentially kept short. It’s exciting and motivating to be a part of this fruitful, ever-expanding company….and it is for these reasons that I am happy to say I work here and will continue to work here for many years of my life…!!”

    • Satyarth

      Internal Auditor

      Since my joining Taraashna 5 years ago I have accomplished many opportunities to develop my operational skills, and enhance my industry knowledge. Taraashna has enabled me greatly to increase my career with a diverse range of exciting and challenging assignments, repeatedly. At Taraashna there are no limitations for growth and I’ve always been encouraged to stretch myself, improve my knowledge and practice new skills. No day is ever the same and, for me, it is this diversity and freshness that makes working at Taraashna really pleasurable & exciting. Taraashna is people-focused and this DNA remains strong throughout the company’s growth and development. I look forward to the opportunities and challenges that will come with the further expansion of the business and diversification. I’m looking forward to my future at the company and I firmly believe Taraashna is an excellent organization to build a career, with.

    • Vikas Upadhyay


      As an employee I have worked with Taraashna for many years now and at many locations donning different roles, and grew within to know the company and its people not only as a trustworthy and professional organization that is hard core result-oriented, but also as co-workers and buddies. Employees & colleagues here share the same values of hard work, creativity, and an entrepreneurial spirit while at the same time getting to know our clients as individuals within a close knitted group and enjoying doing business together. This is a company where you can always voice your opinion, without any prejudice, no matter who you are. Here in Taraashna, improvisation is cheered, good ideas are encouraged and fully supported till implemented. As a leader you have an opportunity to lead and stimulate great teams and as a team member you also have the privilege to work with some great subject matter experts & cherished leaders and learn from them every day!


    TFSL believes in rewarding talent and effort and constantly endeavours to recognize the efforts of deserving employees, while motivating others to follow. As part of the TFSL Rewards & Recognition initiative, employees of excellence will be awarded a ‘Recognition’ certification that highlights their contribution towards building a progressive, cohesive culture and overall business advancement.

    This monthly initiative (launching initially under a non-monetary category) will begin by receiving formal nominations from the COO’s desk, with a citation for the individual employee to be recognized and detailing his or her contribution. Nominations and citations will come under the 5 categories below and are more likely to be successful if they cater to the indicative assessment parameters and decision-making recommendations mentioned alongside:

    Best Branch (Region)

    Candidate branches must showcase:

    • Teamwork that reflects excellent interpersonal skills
    • A high level of personal and team accountability
    • A high level of productivity
    • A high level of health, hygiene and upkeep of the branch (maintenance)
    • Complete compliance of the branch – updated Notice boards, Display flex boards and Compliance Dashboards
    • Secured Vaults
    • A HR policy and process adherence
    • A high level of efficiency demonstrated in the use of resources
    • Zero accident reports (mandatory usage of proper helmet)
    • Outstanding demonstrated results
    • Updated Pie Charts on display
    • Extra Curricular Activities carried out at the branch for team cohesion
    • No addiction of branch employees towards intoxicants/tobacco/smoking/drinking liquor/illicit relationships etc.

    Best Territory Manager & Branch Manager

    Candidates must showcase:

    • Consistent exceeding of assigned monthly targets
    • Regular receipt of ‘Good/Excellent’ audit scores
    • Team Attrition in last 1 year is less than 2%.
    • Minimum acceptable portfolio quality – PAR less than 90%, OD – >=1%.
    • Demonstrated levels of high diligence to ensure portfolio quality
    • Model leadership qualities and ability to motivate team/others to excel
    • Contribution in mentoring reporting staff and partnering in their progress
    • Demonstrated personal commitment to excellence
    • Has saved significant time or money in mentoring team or generating new products
    • Proven results orientation
    • For TM – additional effective Monitoring aspect & Employee Engagement
    • Reports Submission on TAT
    • Leave approval and leave file maintenance
    • No cash salaries
    • ID Card on his/her person at all times, as well as salary bank account, PAN, UAN, ESI Smart card/GMC, Aadhaar card etc.
    • Good personality and personal hygiene – consistently clean shaven, with neatly cut hair and nails, clean, formal dress attire and polished shoes

    Best Credit & Livelihood Officer (CLO)

    Candidates must showcase:

    • Maintenance of an excellent level of performance despite various constraints
    • Displayed commitment to activities; or demonstrated outstanding skill; or effort above and beyond his or her prescribed duties and workload
    • Focus on customer centric approach (customer satisfaction)
    • Aptitude to educate customers and go the extra mile in adhering organizational processes
    • Understanding of their customers and honest, courteous, respectful treatment towards them
    • Ownership of customer needs and the expertise to see them through to conclusion
    • Ability to advocate for improvement in the existing process
    • Demonstrated good behaviour with both customers and peers alike
    • Individual innovation and creativity – judged on degree of difficulty and magnitude of effort
    • Capacity for recommendation or implementation of process improvements
    • Capacity for recommendation or implementation of revenue generating ideas
    • Capacity for recommendation or implementation of ideas for saving or cost reduction
    • Demonstrated improvement of organizational efficiency or results
    • ID Card on his/her person at all times, as well as salary bank account, PAN, UAN, ESI Smart card/GMC, Aadhaar card etc.
    • Good personality and personal hygiene – consistently clean shaven, with neatly cut hair and nails, clean, formal dress attire and polished shoes

    Recognition of Support Function’s Contribution

    Candidates must showcase:

    • Contribution to business in the respective regions and head office by Team
    • Accounts
    • MIS
    • HR
    • Admin
    • RC
    • Audit
    • Office Boy
    • Messenger

    Beyond The Call of Duty (Special Recognition)

    Candidates must:

    • Support the cause of business/employee wellbeing, beyond the individual’s nature of job
    • Volunteer or take initiative and aid the organisation’s objective in time of any untoward incident
    • Display courage and presence of mind while averting any risk factor

    HR Initiatives

    The HR team has created various programs to better employee connections, engagement and understanding, as well as overall company branding, both internal and external:

    AAGMAN (आगमन):

    The Induction & Entry Level Training Program involves the welcoming and greeting all levels of new employees on their induction into the organisation

    PARICHAY (परिचय):

    The Employee Referral Program allows current employees to refer a potential candidate to the organisation for a job prospect

    VRIDDHI( वृद्धि):

    The Internal Job Posting option affords all employees the option to consider internal openings and plot their career diversification and progression in the organisation

    AVGAT (अवगत):

    The Management Traineeship & Internship Program gives fresh talent from campuses the opportunity to explore the corporate world and discover the industry through TFSL – this also builds the TFSL brand and positions it as an Employer Of Choice on campuses thus making it more attractive to fresh and vibrant young talent


    Across the months of April in both 2017 and 2018, TFSL conducted a series of internally-developed surveys called the ‘Voice of the Employee: 2017/2018’ to judge employee satisfaction. The surveys lasted for five days and were open to participation by every employee right from the base level, across all functions, branches, regions and head office.

    The objective of these surveys was to connect with all TFSL employees, whether mainstream or remotely located, to seek their inputs on creating a work culture and learning experience that would result in the company being able to achieve the highest standards of employee excellence and contentment.

    This initiative was the first step towards making TFSL a great place to work and the 2-minute survey questionnaire was carefully and studiously formulated by the internal TFSL team in order to gain some insight on how to go about succeeding in this endeavour. The intent was to understand how the average employee perceived the company, its overall direction, its strengths and weaknesses, as well as potential risks and opportunities for improvement. TFSL employees responded enthusiastically and insightfully, answering the survey via a mobile technology platform that was supervised by the HR team.


    • Mainstream linkage of field staff (invitation for all employees to participate)
    • More than 85% of workforce at all levels responded.
    • 100% developed in-house (no outside consultant engaged)
    • Cost effective (no explicit cost incurred in preparing and completing the survey, except the time and efforts of TFSL resources)
    • Comprised of 20 Multiple Choice Objective Questions, taking 2 minutes for completion
    • Anonymous responses by participant (to encourage unrestrained and honest feedback)
    • Penetration solely through mobile technology (accessible on mobile via a link)
    • Time bound, effective participation (completed successfully between 1st -5th April, with no extensions on timelines)