Ceo Speak

A few years ago, when faced with the choice of where to work next, I was inspired to come work at Taraashna. Here was a company that was truly trying to make a difference in people’s lives; helping them gain access to much need financial services and empowering them to better their lives and society as a whole. Even today, the belief that inspired my career choice years ago, continues to drive me and I couldn’t be happier of where we are and what we do.

Taraashna has since become one of the most admired companies in the BFSI sector and I have been fortunate enough to be given the chance to lead it with an excellent team on my side, the priceless guidance of the senior management and the esteemed presence of our board of directors. We have had the honour of partnering with some of the biggest names in the BFSI sector and I am eagerly looking forward to building more such principal partnerships across both the public and private banking sector and NBFCs.

While Taraashna has witnessed pronounced successes since its inception, I think this is a crucial turning point for both the company and the industry, as there is a growing need for innovation and the an evolving ethos favouring technology over tradition. I strongly believe that the next few years will see lending becoming a completely technology oriented process, with artificial intelligence rising in prominence. Embracing digitization and adopting advanced software and hardware will revolutionize our operations and change our experience of business, life and the world in general. As we embark upon the road to the future, it is vital that the company evolves with the times to stay dynamic and relevant, delivering positive and sustainable impact in all that they do. This we can achieve if we have a hunger for knowledge and a curiosity for progress; after all, if you are not learning new things, you’re not going to be doing great and useful things either!

To this end, Taraashna is now focused on imbibing technology platforms, changing the course of driving this ‘process oriented’ and ‘monitoring hungry’ business stream, while maintaining its humane face and personal touch. Backed by a strong team that always delivers, I am confident that Taraashna will grow from strength to strength, surpassing the expectations of clients, principal partners, management and employees alike, as it continues to contribute to the progress of society, the industry and the nation.

Imagine, innovate, inspire! And that my friends, will make all the difference in the world.

Warm regards,
Sanjeev Vij
Chief Executive Officer &
Whole Time Director, Taraashna Services Limited